Experienced Work Accident Personal Injury And Third-Party Claims Representation In San Antonio

Serious injuries in accidents on dangerous work sites happen every day in Texas and the U.S.

Warehouses, manufacturing plants, construction zones, refineries and oil fields are common work venues where injury accidents victimize workers.

Were you subject to toxic exposures, natural gas explosions or occupational hazards such as heavy falling objects or unsteady scaffolding? Did you become ill or injured to the degree that you lost wages, sustained heavy medical debt and suffered physical pain and suffering during your recovery?

If your answer to any of those questions is "Yes," you owe it to yourself, your professional future, finances and family to contact our experienced Branton | Hall | Rodriguez | Cruz, P.C., workplace accidents attorneys in San Antonio.

Our negotiated settlements and litigation victories for workers across the state have made us the most trusted name in Texas personal injury law. We can put every benefit of our 40-plus years of experience on your side, starting today.

Your work accident may have happened during an oil well, fracking or gas site operation. You may have slipped and fallen in a work zone, or fallen from great heights during a roofing project. A commercial vehicle collision while driving a company-owned vehicle could lead to a third-party claim with multiple defendants who we can hold accountable.

Your serious, life-changing injuries could range from traumatic brain injury (TBI) to spinal cord damage, or from broken bones to severe burns. A relative or family member in a rugged, dangerous profession may have sustained injuries that became fatal — and a case of wrongful death. Regardless of your circumstances, our skilled and compassionate San Antonio work injury lawyers can help.

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